Starting up!

Tiger on the garbage truck prowel

I’ve been sharing my son Ben’s obsession with garbage trucks for going on two years now. I am launching this blog to put pen to (virtual) paper and share all the fun experiences we have had along the way and share our opinions about all of the great (and not so great) products out there for all those garbage truck lovers.

Mixed in are some crafty ideas for parents of garbage truck lovers. I’m a crafty lady with limited resources and definitely not a perfectionist so I’ll be sharing my successes and my failures.

In addition to reading my blog, you can follow me on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/GbageTruckLove/

1 thought on “Starting up!”

  1. HI,
    What a great idea. Wish this was around 20 some-odd years ago when my son loved garbage trucks!
    I’m writing to see if you’re son still loves garbage trucks. My picture book, Buster the Little Garbage Truck, has just been released by Sleeping Bear Press. I’m trying to spread the word. Buster is a young garbage truck who is afraid of loud noises. He works on getting brave, especially when his friend Kitty is in trouble. I have a picture of Buster on my Pinterest page and more information, including some activity pages, on my website.
    If you have any suggestions for how I can reach more garbage-truck-loving children, please let me know.

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